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Hunan Aerospace magnetoelectric appeared in the 18th Shenzhen International Small motor Magnetic Materials Exhibition
Time:30/11/2020    From:Hunan Aerospace Magnet & Magneto

Recently, Hunan Aerospace magnetoelectric appeared in the 18th Shenzhen International Small motor and motor industry, magnetic materials exhibition.As a leading manufacturer of the high performance permanent magnetic materials and devices, components and electromechanical equipment in China,Hunan Aerospace magnetoelectric attaches great importance to the exhibition, carefully prepared and organized professional teams to participate in this grand event.

The company's exhibition products include all kinds of high-end permanent magnet ferrite devices, magnetic components, pre-sintered materials and rare earth permanent magnet materials, as well as the company is currently focusing on the development of magnetoelectric encoder and power inductor new products.The booth of the company attracted a large number of visitors, obtained the information of more than 40 potential customers, and many customers reached the intention of cooperation.

The exhibition was held this year the first domestic professional exhibitions of motor, by the national engineering research center for precision micro &special motor units such as the host, it also attracted more than 450 well-known enterprises and research institutions, such as Guizhou Linquan, Shenzhen Aerospace Electric, Youyan and Sinosteel, the content of the exhibition covers the upstream and downstream aspects of the motor and magnetic materials industry, fully meet the diversity of market demand.

Liu Xiang, director of sales department of the company, accepted live interviews on behalf of the company, and introduced the latest products, technologies, development trends and directions of the company to the audience through online promotion and publicity channels.

At the same time held in the Micro motor forum, the company's senior engineer Dr. Yao Rui, as a technical representative, on the "Based on image recognition algorithm and finite element simulation analysis of micro motor magnetic steel micro-structure fine regulation technology" do special topics to share, the speech was brilliant, and gained a lot of "technical fans" at the scene, after the end of the forum directly find the company booth for consultation.

This exhibition is an important window for the company to display its products and technical strength in the upstream and downstream of the industry. It is also an important opportunity for the company to communicate with new and old customers about product demands and expand the market.Subsequently, Hunan Aerospace magnetoelectric  will uphold the mission of "serving the energy-saving society to create a better life", strengthen the development of domestic and international markets, and establish the brand image of "Spacemagnets" with the best products and services.

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